Food That Has The Full Package

21 January 2015
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog


As a professional in the food-manufacturing industry, you are used to competing for shelf space at the grocery store. Consumers are faced with countless options from brand names to private labels, and you've got to keep your product in front of shoppers' eyes to have a shot at creating customer loyalty.

Did you know it's not just what's on the inside of your product that matters? In fact, when it comes to food items, studies suggest the visual appeal of the packaging takes second only to a customer's individual preferences such as taste. Here are a few ways to differentiate your product from the competition when it comes to food packaging. 


When deciding on a package material, such as plastic, glass, or bamboo, keep your target customer in mind. Of course you want something to protect the product, but you should also choose a material that reflects the identity of your brand and that of your customers.  

For instance, if you make organic or natural food items, your customers are probably used to paying more for the healthy selection. Don't shy away from using more expensive packaging materials, such as glass for products like honey or Italian ice cream gelato, for example. Apply a removable shrink-wrap label to your glass package so that the item will have a homemade feel once it gets to the customer's home. 

If organic and natural foods aren't your thing, identify some unique characteristic about your packaging that will attract a certain demographic. For instance, by emphasizing the fact you use recyclable materials in your paper packaging, eco-friendly shoppers may be more inclined to buy your brand.


Let the design of the packaging match the product. If you are selling an all-natural food product such as granola, your customers may be campers or just appreciate the outdoors. In this case, you might want to create an outdoor scene on the package so shoppers associate adventure with your brand.     

Consumers also like to see the item they're purchasing, especially when it comes to food. Be sure and dedicate a space on the package that is transparent so that customers can peek in and see exactly what they will be eating or drinking.  


While food packaging should be practical, that doesn't mean you can't have a little fun with it, too. Use product packaging that can double as a serving dish or bowl. This whimsical approach could score you points with customers who won't have a sink full of dirty dishes afterward.