Dam Disasters: Four Renovations To Prevent Problems With Your Retention Ponds

24 July 2015
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If you have a large property, you may have retention ponds or lakes. This can be a valuable water resource for a rural home. The dams of these older reservoirs may have been built decades or centuries ago. When bodies of water were built years ago, they may lack modern engineering to prevent dam disasters. If you have an old retention pond that needs renovation, here are some things that can help protect your property:

1. Installing Spillways To Control Water Flow

Your dam may not have a modern spillway to control water. This is an important feature to allow you to control the flow of water. During heavy rains, you can let more water out for flood control. It can also help release water to reduce algae blooms. If you use your pond for irrigation, a spillway and ram pump can be used to power your irrigation systems.

2. Adding A Core To The Earthen Berms  

Many old ponds have an earthen berm. This material is used to build the dam. Years ago, trash and whatever else that could be found was used to build these structures. Today, modern dams have a core to strengthen these berms. These can be gravel and concrete cores that will help make an earthen dam stronger and prevent failure.

3. Installing Reinforcement For Berm Surfaces

Erosion can be another problem that you may face with an earthen dam. The surface of the berm is exposed to the elements. To prevent materials from eroding away, you can have it reinforced with geotextile materials to help prevent these problems. You can also have liners and a concrete surface installed to make your dam stronger.

4. Adding Filtration To Improve Water Quality

If your retention pond is one of your main water resources, keeping it clean is important. Filtration can be added by installing skimmers. These will remove debris from the surface of the water. If you have a large pond, you may also want to have a shallow wetland area to help with filtration. This area can be planted with aquatic plants, which will filter the water. It can also create a habitat for fish and animals if you plan to have it stocked.

These are some things that can help you to prepare your old pond for decades more of use. If you need help getting some of these repairs done to your ponds or lakes, contact a dam repair contractor and talk with them about improving your dam. Check out websites like www.tluckey.com to get started.