Why You Should Hire Machine Design Services That Operate Only Within The U.S.

21 August 2015
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog


When you have a machine-related issue in your manufacturing plant, you realize you need to hire a machine design service (such as Innovative Tooling Solutions) to fix the problem. You have lots of options, some of which include hiring a foreign company to rebuild and reconstruct the problematic machine. You may even consult with the machine's manufacturer to find a solution. However, the very best solution is to hire an Amercian-based company that operates completely within the U.S. borders. There are some very valid reasons for hiring a machine design service that is strictly American.

American Engineers Can Patent and Sell the Newly Designed Machine

Real American ingenuity via American engineers helps propel technology forward and secure the patents for American profits. This means that by utilizing the skills, brains and services of American engineers you are indirectly creating a new product from which all businesses can benefit. Plus, America as a whole can profit from when it sells the machines to other countries.

Hundreds of New Jobs Could Be Created

Even though only a couple of engineers from a machine design service work to resolve the problem with your plant's current machinery, the result is a machine that will create dozens, if not hundreds, of more jobs for Americans when the machine becomes a mainstream item for other companies. By hiring a strictly American company, you can ensure that the jobs you indirectly create stay stateside, and are not outsourced overseas to make a bigger profit. A machine design company's commitment to Americans and American jobs means that you get a quality designed solution designed by Americans and made by Americans.

If the Machine Needs Repairs, You Talk to an American

Working with a strictly American company means that any problems you have with your newly designed and produced machinery will be discussed with and repaired by Americans. The telephone calls may only be outsourced after hours, or not at all if the company is one hundred percent dedicated to conducting a purely American business. Most companies that operate only on American soil extend their telephone service hours to help customers. When a repair is needed, an American repair technician is sent from the head design office to diagnose and fix the problem. You do not have to wait weeks on end for a foreign repair specialist to show up and fix the problem with the fairly new machine, nor do you have to wait for the deployment of an American repair technician who awaits work orders from overseas.