4 Things To Consider When Choosing An Air Compressor For Your Tires

30 September 2015
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Air compressors are a convenient way to store energy, specifically air. The compressor converts power into air. This air can then be used for a number of purposes. As a result, drivers regularly keep air compressors in their car as a way to put life back into a flat tire. Choosing the right air compressors for your tires can be a bit confusing as stores are flooded with air compressors designed for different uses. Fortunately, there are a few tips you can use to make this process easier.

Electrical or Gas Compressors

When purchasing an air compressor, you can either choose an electrical or gas one. If you plan to store this compressor in your car, it is important to avoid purchasing a gas compressor. Storing gasoline in your car is dangerous and can result in you unknowingly breathing the gas fumes. Gas compressors are better for storing in a more ventilated area like your backyard.

Single or Two Stage Pumps

A single stage pump draws in air to the desired pressure within one stroke. A two stage pump carries out this same process in two stages. As a result, it has the ability to handle higher pressure because the air is cooled from one stage to the next. Either pump works well for adding air to the tires on your car.

Service Factor Rating

The motor on an air compressor is given a service factor rating. This rating is used to give you a good idea of how long the motor will last and run under varied conditions. The higher the service factor rating, then the better the motor is and the lower the chances of the motor failing. A number of things are classified as varied conditions, including temperature and low voltage. As a result, it is important to ensure that your air compressor can run without motor failure.

Duty Cycle

The duty cycle of your air compressor's motor is either continuous or intermittent. A continuous motor will have the ability to run non-stop until all of the air in the air compressor is used up. On the other hand, intermittent motors run for a little bit, then stop, start up again and stop. This can be frustrating to deal with if you find yourself short on time.

Driving with tires that are low on air is a hazard for you and drivers around, which is why an air compressor comes in handy. As a result, use the tips to choose an air compressor that works well for your tires. Visit here for more information about air compressors.