Bringing Your Home To The Future With Modern Railing Implementations

25 November 2015
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog


If you are planning to remodel your home to make it more modern and futuristic, there are a lot of features you could change to do just that, and the various railings you have are definitely one of the changes that can make a huge difference. From the exterior of your home on the deck or porches to its interior, railings are easily one of the biggest design characteristics of your house. Here are a few modern changes that you should consider if you want to bring your traditional or dated home into the modern age.

Cabled Exterior Railings

If you have a porch, deck, or balcony that has some height to it, there is a pretty good chance that you have some railings in place already, most likely those that are metal or wood. Give the exterior of your home a modern touch with cabled exterior railings. Cabled exterior railing may sound odd, but these railings are created with super-rigid steel and titanium cables that don't bend and flex like you would expect. The cabled design offers visibility and endurance, not to mention an industrial futuristic appeal to your home's outer areas.

Glass Loft Railing

If you have a perfect view of the upstairs loft in your home from the main level, why not make it even more visible than it already is by eliminating wooden railings that block the view. Glass loft railing is created with sheets of thick glass panels that are situated between low-profile center pieces. This opens up the view, allowing a more modern feel to the entire space. However, if the loft in your home offers a view to the outdoors with upper bay windows, glass loft railing provides safety while not obstructing the view at all.

Custom Creative Iron Stair Railings

If you have an admiration for cast iron designs, be sure you get familiar with some of the more modern spins on cast iron stair railing. From twisted and gnarled tree-designed railing that mimics the branches of a tree, to exquisite rails intricately curled, curved, and accented to create a free-flowing star railing design, the possibilities are limitless.

The bottom line is, there are way too many modern takes on traditional railing designs to forego this aspect of your home during a remodel. Be sure to check with a railing manufacturer, such as Incom Inc, for more cool ideas in home railing you may want to consider.