Three Topics To Discuss With Your Dumpster Rental Company

29 January 2016
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When you're getting for a home renovation or even a major decluttering, it can be advantageous to rent a dumpster to hold everything you'll be throwing out. Doing so allows you to only have to travel as far as your driveway to get rid of garbage and other unneeded items, rather than load up your vehicle and make repeated trips to your nearest waste-management facility. Your first step should be to research some dumpster companies that serve your community and determine which is the best choice for you. You can help reach this decision by evaluating how the company's rep addresses the following three topics with you over the phone.

Care For Your Property

It's common to have the dumpster placed on your driveway for the entirety of the rental period, although some homeowners might ask to have it situated on their lawn or elsewhere in their yard that can be accessed by a truck. It's important to ask about the steps the delivery driver will take to ensure that nothing on your property is damaged. You want to hear a plan about placing wooden beam on your driveway before lowering the dumpster into place to ensure that the asphalt is protected from the dumpster's hard edges and corners, for example. Hearing a clear plan for taking care of the job with respect to your property can help to convince you which service to hire.

Door Availability

Given that dumpsters are available in many different sizes, it's useful to check to see what features the waste-management company can offer. In many cases, renting a dumpster with doors on one end allows you to dispose of your waste with greater ease. It can be physically demanding to attempt to throw heavy objects up over the edge of a bin without doors. With doors, you can simply carry your heaviest items into the dumpster and then close and latch the doors once the job is done.

Flat Fee Versus Weight

It's useful to confirm the manner in which the waste-management company charges for its dumpster rentals. In some cases, you'll find companies that offer flat fees. In other cases, a company will charge a fee for the dumpster rental and then an additional fee based on the weight of the goods you place in it. Consider the nature of the job and gauge whether you'll be loading the dumpster with overly heavy items. For example, a dumpster filled with scraps of drywall will be considerably lighter than one filled with old bricks from a demolition job.

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