What You Should Know About Centrifugal Water Pumps

5 August 2016
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog


If you are in search of a water pump that can be completely submerged in water or liquid, you might want to think about a centrifugal pump. This type of pump uses an impeller that helps to control the flow of water, moving it in and out as needed. Many different industries can use this pump, and you can use it in a home when you want to keep water out of the basement as well. Here are some things to know about this type of pump.

A Variety of Benefits

The first thing that you should know about a centrifugal water pump is that it has a lot of advantages for you. First of all, it is a small pump, so it isn't going to cost a lot to buy or maintain, and it saves a lot of space. The pump also has a very simplistic method of pumping water in and out. While it is better for smaller uses, it can also handle some big-volume jobs. This type of pump doesn't require a lot of maintenance, and the discharge can be closed while it is running without any negative effects.

For Light Uses

It is best that you use a centrifugal pump for the lighter jobs. It has the potential to handle large volumes of liquids, but you should avoid jobs that involve a lot of viscous liquids. These are heavier and thicker liquids, including waste and mud. A centrifugal pump can be used either in your household or for certain light industrial or construction purposes. The pump also needs to be completely submerged in water, so if it can't be submerged, you might want to choose a different pump. Centrifugal pumps are flexible and easy to use as long as their use fits these criteria.

A Need for Submersion

The reason why the centrifugal pump needs to be submersed completely is because it can actually become damaged if left to become too dry. The bearings and other components are sensitive to dry air and need to remain wet at all times. Some risks of letting the pump get too dry include having overheating of the bearings, damage to the impeller, seal ring or wear ring, or misalignment of the shaft and other metal components.

This basic information informs you of whether or not this is the right water pump to use for your needs. If you need a pump that can work with waste and other viscous liquids, it is best to use something a little more heavy-duty.