Top Signs You Should Use HDPE Tubing When Transporting Harsh Chemicals

29 April 2021
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog


If you need to be able to transport harsh chemicals throughout your facility or throughout a machine, then you will obviously need tubes, lines, or pipes that can be used for this purpose. Naturally, there are a few choices that are popular in industrial settings that can be used for this purpose. Overall, you might just find that HDPE tubing is going to be your best choice. These are a few signs that you should use HDPE tubing when transporting harsh chemicals in your facility.

You're Having Trouble Finding Other Tubing That is Resistant to Your Chemicals

Of course, there are other types of lines and tubes that can be used with harsh chemicals. However, there is a concern with some types of tubing because you have to worry about the possibility of your chemicals burning through the tubing. This can damage the tubing, obviously, and it can lead to dangerous and expensive leaks of harsh chemicals, too. If you are having trouble finding a tubing that will work with your harsh chemicals, then you should know that you can stop your search now by simply making use of HDPE tubing. After all, this is one tubing type that is actually resistant to many different harsh chemicals.

You Want to Be Able to Clean and Sterilize it Easily

If cleaning out your tubing is a regular part of your job – such as if you need to clean out the tubing in-between batches of different types of chemicals, or if you are just focused on cleanliness in your facility – then you might be looking for a tubing option that is going to be easy for you to clean. In fact, you might not just be worried about cleaning your tubing, but you may want to make sure that you can sterilize it, too. Luckily, with HDPE tubing, you have an option that isn't available with many other types of tubing: all you have to do is simply boil it in water, and your tubing will get nice and clean and will be fully sterilized. This is great news in just about any industrial facility.

You Don't Want Tubing That is Too Soft or Flexible

One concern that you might have is about your tubing being too soft or too flexible. For example, you might have found that this is the case with LDPE tubing, which many people purchase specifically because of its flexibility. If you want tubing that is a bit harder and more rigid, then you will probably find that HDPE tubing is your best choice.

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