Three Great Tips For Using Quick Connect Air Line Hoses

22 June 2015
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog


If you work in any field that utilizes pneumatic pressure, you can stand to gain a lot of productivity by incorporating quick connect air line fittings. Rather than using traditional fittings, which may require more time, energy, effort and a specific set of tools, quick connect air line fittings from a company like Fittings Inc provide great benefits that make your work easier. If you have never used these quick connect fittings before, consider the following information, which will help you understand the benefits of making the switch and making the most out of the process. 

#1: Understand The Many Ways And Fields That Benefit From Quick Connect Hose Fittings

Quick air line fittings allow you to put your best foot forward productively, by reducing installation time, decreasing the likelihood of leaks and creating a smaller geographical footprint. You can use this technology in a number of different fields, including the cooking and restaurant industry, fluid manufacturing and processing, automobile, washing, and construction business. These quick fitting hoses are also in compliance with FDA code, are useful when working with even the most extreme temperatures, and are low maintenance and compact. 

#2: Pick The Most Useful Materials Based On The Project You Have In Mind

While quick connect hoses are used in a wide variety of fields, you'll get the best use out of them when you consult with a company that can match you with the ideal materials. For example, carbon steel is a better choice than polymer plastics if you need something inexpensive that can still stand up to the highest range of pressure and temperature. Making the ideal choice in materials up front will save you money and prevent misfortune throughout the course of your construction. 

#3: Use Proper Installation Techniques And Principles

If you're thinking of purchasing these quick connect hoses in bulk, it's important that you understand how best to use them. This will make sure you are operating as efficiently as possible and will allow these materials to work best. For example, you should never trim or cut these hoses with anything except for a tool that is specifically meant for those purposes. Using other types of knives or edges can create serious leaks. Further, you can aid in your installation ease by applying soapy water as a lubricant, and you can reuse these tubes whenever you need to, allowing you so save money in the long run. 

Follow these great tips, and reach out to a quick connect hose provider to learn more.