What To Look For When Buying A Used Boiler

17 February 2016
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog


A boiler is a large unit that works by turning heated water into a valuable heat source for energy. A new boiler can cost several thousand dollars depending on the brand and its BTU output, so often buying a used variety can help you save money while still having a quality unit you can rely on for many years. When buying a used boiler, there are a few factors you should look into so you choose one that will be a reliable energy source for your business. Here are things you should look for when buying a used boiler.

Past repairs

Depending on its age and how well it was maintained, a used boiler may have had past repairs done on it to allow it to continue working efficiently. Common repairs include cleaning the tank to ensure debris removal, resealing leaking seals, and cleaning the burners so they can emit a heat source more efficiently. Past repairs are a strong indicator that a used boiler was properly cared for and is able to perform efficiently for you in the future. As you explore your used boiler options, it's a wise idea to have any potential models inspected to make sure the burners and thermostat are in good working condition.


If you buy a refurbished boiler from a company that repairs and then later resells various models, you can inquire about a warranty that comes along with the work they have done. A boiler should be guaranteed to work for up to several months within the guidelines of the repairs or refurbishing done, so you can feel more confident in your purchase. If your boiler fails, your warranty should include either replacement of a similar model in good working condition or free repairs to get your unit back in safe working condition.

BTU output

The more BTUs a boiler outputs, the more heat it can place in a certain square footage. You should look for a boiler that has enough BTUs to provide the energy you need for your business. A BTU is measured by the amount of energy it requires a boiler to provide a certain amount of heat to a living space. For a cooler area, you will need an average of 50 BTUs per square foot of space. Measure the space you will be using a boiler to heat and multiply it by the number of BTUs you need per square foot to help you get the right boiler for your needs.

When you know the past repairs, BTU output, and warranty availability of any used boiler you are considering, you can be more likely to make the best choice for your needs. With the right knowledge you can choose a great used boiler for your business and save money in doing so. For more information, visit a boiler company like Moorhead Machinery & Boiler Co.