Reasons Why You Should Use Foam Inserts for Your Products

2 February 2022
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog


When your products are packaged, you want to know that they are being packaged in the best way possible. The way your products are packaged dictates how well they are going to withstand the movement of shipping and the impression customers will have upon opening the package. You can learn more here about foam inserts and why they can be so important when it comes to the packaging of your merchandise:  

Foam inserts are great protection

When you use foam inserts in your packaging process, the foam will help to offer a great deal of protection. The foam is often made from either polyethylene or ester polyurethane and each of these materials offers dense protection that is capable of offering support and taking the brunt of any impact, so your products remain in good condition. 

The foam inserts can be cut to fill the boxes while offering spaces where your products will fit securely without having any movement. Even fragile items will make it to their destination unscathed when they are shipped with foam inserts. Foam is also lightweight, so you get all that added protection without increasing the weight of your packages by much at all. 

Foam inserts offer convenient storage

The customized fit of the foam inserts makes packaging easier because the products will go right in the obvious spots. This can be especially helpful for products that come with several pieces or parts with awkward shapes that would normally be hard to fit in the box. 

Many customers end up keeping the original packaging because the customized foam makes it easy for them to pack their products up when they are done using them, and it continues to offer that great protection. 

Foam inserts can offer a great advertising opportunity

When you have foam inserts custom-made for your products, you can also use the opportunity for advertising. You can have your company name designed into the foam, or you can choose foam that comes in your company colors. Anything you can do to increase your brand recognition can be helpful for your company's future growth. 

Another reason the foam inserts can help when it comes to your company's reputation is that it comes off as professional and shows that your company goes the extra mile. The fact that you have gone to such an extent to protect your product and offered a great long-term storage option will be appreciated. This can make the difference of someone referring others to you, and/or purchasing more products from you in the future.

For more questions about foam inserts, be sure to contact a supplier.